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And we’re back! Sovereign, RJ, and I Played a charity show this past thursday at the O2 Center  in London. Now if you remember the O2 center is where Michael Jackson was supposed to hold his “this is it” tour.  Needless to say, I got to see the Michael Jackson exhibit with all his old belongings! It was pretty amazing! Now that touring with Lady Sovereign is over for the year, Im gearing up & spending loads of time in the studio. I have a few local and stateside shows coming up. Pretty stoked to say that I will be  closing out 2009  with my buddies in New Orleans (nawlins) ! 2010 is looking very promising! A load of fun shows coming up and possibly another China residency!

NYE Flyer
NYE 2010

Annalyze Bad

MJ Exhibition

 we love this guy!!

European tour was a success! I met a load of great people, and got to see some amazing sites. I’d have to say the highlight was the beautiful drive from Milan to Rome, and also from Zurich to Berne. Not gonna lie, I was definitely scared driving on the Autobahn in Germany & the drivers in Italy are some late breakers. Amsterdam was just pure craziness. A place where prostitution, and weed is legal. No wonder why such good music comes from there lolzzz! All in all I have to say my heart lies in Rome. I know I havent shut up about it, but it was just the most perfect night ever!

as for now, I’m home for 8 days before heading back to London for the last Sovereign show of the year! It’s been a great year & i’m excited to see what 2010 brings!!!

Rauw Utrecht Holland
Rauw Utrecht Holland

Rockin out in Rome
Having a great night at work

Crowd shot in Amsterdam

More friends in Italy
Friends in Italy

Backstagehard day at work

Sov’s Baby
Sov's baby

No Caption needed
sov's VIP po show

Rome, Italy was absolutely BONKERS! After the show with Sovereign I continued to dj for about an hr! I played a bunch of hip hop and even had a crew of dancers up on stage. So much fun. Wish I would of had more time to explore the city, but I had a blast regardless! Can’t wait to go back. Italians rule!

The tour goes on… Got into Amsterdam afternoonish yesterday. Might I add that Easy Jet is a piece of shit airline and only lets you bring one carry-on. One carry-on is torture for me. I travel with my ttm57 mixer and my Efx processor. So after a bunch of cramming we made it work. Got to my hotel and got the chance to explore Amsterdam. I’ve been here before, but it was for a festival. Walked around the city, got to see all the crazy hype of all the smoke shops & the scary red light district. LOL this place is just one big XXX ! Gonna do a little shopping with Sov today, then we have a show Tonight in Utrecht. Hopefully get to hear some Dutch house!! Heading back home on Sunday! Super excited to get back in the studio and knock out some ideas 🙂


Rockin that thang
1's & 2's

My Dancers in Rome





Tourist shit

Make room

only 3 Euro to get a pre-rolled spliff

Sov’s new friend
But its not Mcdonalds

Who needs a taxi?? We took this thing 2 miles to our hotel !
My ride

Being 100% American Italian, this is a dream come true. Sovereign, and I got into Milan yesterday. Did a show in Milan, last night, then drove to Rome today. This place is just magical. I didn’t have much time to explore, but I tried!! I found a little street market in Milan, and scored some nice treasures. Definitely needed more time though.
The drive today was absolutely beautiful.. Gorgeous scenery and the food is everything that was hyped about! Headed to Amsterdam tomorrow, which I’m super stoked about. I’ve been on this Dutch house kick like crazy! So good times still ahead.. Here are a few pics I snapped…..

Lady Sovereign is the only creature Ive ever met that comes to Italy, and eats Mcdonalds twice in 1 day.

sov mcdonalds



Delicious Gnocchi


Aurelian wall


Olive you

Olive you

Market in Milan Italian boots for 20 Euro…. Can’t believe I didnt get a pair.

Made in Italy

Flowers at dinner


So we been touring all through Germany & Switzerland! The shows have been crazy. I have to say Switzerland, was fucken insane! Got to see Amanda Blank in Berlin at the Casio/Vice Party! all in all things are great. Super stoked for Italy & Amsterdam!! Dutch House whoooohoo!

Bern Switzerland

Amanda Blank

Some cool place in Berlin


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