Italy Rules!!

Italy Rules!!

Rome, Italy was absolutely BONKERS! After the show with Sovereign I continued to dj for about an hr! I played a bunch of hip hop and even had a crew of dancers up on stage. So much fun. Wish I would of had more time to explore the city, but I had a blast regardless! Can’t wait to go back. Italians rule!

The tour goes on… Got into Amsterdam afternoonish yesterday. Might I add that Easy Jet is a piece of shit airline and only lets you bring one carry-on. One carry-on is torture for me. I travel with my ttm57 mixer and my Efx processor. So after a bunch of cramming we made it work. Got to my hotel and got the chance to explore Amsterdam. I’ve been here before, but it was for a festival. Walked around the city, got to see all the crazy hype of all the smoke shops & the scary red light district. LOL this place is just one big XXX ! Gonna do a little shopping with Sov today, then we have a show Tonight in Utrecht. Hopefully get to hear some Dutch house!! Heading back home on Sunday! Super excited to get back in the studio and knock out some ideas 🙂


Rockin that thang
1's & 2's

My Dancers in Rome





Tourist shit

Make room

only 3 Euro to get a pre-rolled spliff

Sov’s new friend
But its not Mcdonalds

Who needs a taxi?? We took this thing 2 miles to our hotel !
My ride

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