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Wow what a week. I’m headed home now after 3 amazing shows. Got to spend a little time in Chicago with some friends and get some Christmas Shopping done. God I miss that city! Im so giddy and excited that I can’t sleep. I have a few pictures from Wed 25th at Pearl, and hopefully will have some more from The wit as well as Starbar.. Enjoy!

The Wit Rooftop (Chicago 11/26)

Me at the wit

The amazing view


Pearl (Rochester, NY 11/24)

Pearl w/ Nikal Fieldz

Rose' in the dj booth

crowd shot

Best Bloody sunday ever!

The Lord HimselfThe lord dances on the Bar

The Lord himself

The lord enjoys a good dance on the bar
Bar dancing

On the bar again

The pope makes a cameo
The pope makes a cameo

The Pope Shares
Pope Shares his wine

Champagne showers
Champagne flies

More craziness occurs
Champagne diets

goose gets ya loose

And your dj for the event



I’ll be playing this Wed (night before the big turkey day) at Pearl, followed by Friday in Chicago, & Saturday at Starbar in Milwaukee.


Im not sure if I mentioned this yet, but I was lucky enough to pick up a sponsorship/endorsement deal with Novation. If you have not seen or tried the Dicers yet, I highly recommend it! I’ll be doing some videos for them, some magazine adds as well as playing at the Namm show all this coming January! I gotta say 2011 is looking lovely!



If you look closely, you can see me djing this massive event with Lady Sovereign. Unfortunately none of my scratches are in there 🙁

Things have been Insanely crazy over here. I Just recently returned from NYC. I performed a show with Lady Sovereign & Neyo for the release of Xbox Kinnect. It was Bananas!! 850 Synchronized dancers, with dances to Lady Sov & Neyo’s songs! Amazing!

Other than that, just been doing the residencies in Rochester, NY A few new shows in Chicago & Milwaukee coming up at the end of this month. I’ll post the venue in my gigs section asap!

Studio wise, things have been a bit slower than planned but, now that I have everything up and running again, so new christmas mixes will be available. So stay tuned!!


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