2012 is looking lovely

2012 is looking lovely

So I have to say that 2012 has been marvelous already!! I’m headed to Alabama the second week in Feb for 2 nights at club Liquids as well as another crazy night in Las Cruces, New Mexico for Fat Tuesday, Followed by a show at Here Lounge in West Hollywood for their Thursday night party Kyss!! On the way home I’ll be swinging through my old stomping grounds aka “Chicago” for a show!

The radio show on www.wdkx.com has been going great as well and I have been getting bites for syndication on other stations statewide! Im going to start doing a bi weekly podcast of all my radio mixes so that I have some new material for all of ya’ll!!

if you didnt catch the other mixes here is a taste of a few from last year

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