Australia ( Parklife Tour Sept/Oct 09 )

Australia ( Parklife Tour Sept/Oct 09 )

Hey Everyone,

So I’ve been in Australia for over a week now. Had some crazy points and some chill parts. I’m in Melbourne today on our 3rd stop for the Parklife Tour Still touring with Lady Sovereign!! We have 2 more shows left in Oz, Sunday in Sydney & Adelaide on Monday. Then its back to America with a few of my own stateside shows. Looks like I will be playing a solo gig in Sydney this sunday as well, with more details to come. Its been a blast over here! The Parklife crew been amazing!! They’ve given us so many nice things to do with our down time including parties every night with endless drinks, a boat cruise around the Sydney harbor & even a wildlife tour! Here are some lovely pics…

Sov & I on  Parklife boat cruise

Ryan having some drinks on the boat

Cuteness at the wildlife tour

The Boat

 Koala <3


Bondi Beach Sydney



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