Back in the States

Back in the States

Australia was a blast!! I made it back in one piece, but I’m still recovering from all the awesome parties and wonderful gigs! I ended up picking up a one off at some random club in Australia called “Coogee Palace” it was like a mega club/ Bar/ Pub. Very Interesting, but heaps of fun!!

As for now, it looks like I have a local (solo) gig in Chicago this Saturday (Oct 17th, 2009) at the Crimson Lounge so if you’re in town definitely swing by. I will also be headed to my hometown Rochester, NY Oct 22rd Playing at One along side Dj Jestyr, Oct 23rd at Hush, and Oct 24th at Tilt Night Club. Following Rochester, I will be headed back over the pond for another European with Tour with Lady Sovereign.. Dates follow as

Nov 2nd Hamburg, Germany
Nov 3rd Cologne, Germany
Nov 4th Berlin, Germany
Nov 5th Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 6th Berne, Switzerland
Nov 8th Munich, Germany
Nov 11th Milan, Italy
Nov 12th Rome, Italy
Nov 13th Amsterdam, Holland
Nov 14th Utrecht, Holland

Busy, busy next few weeks 🙂 Here are a few more pics from the Aussie tour


Rj thinks he's a model

Adelaide (Parklife)

DJ Gig Palace @ Coogee

Sydney Crowd

Brisbane (Parklife)

RJ my Chocolate Cupcake

New Friends in Brisbane

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