Buongiorno From Rome, Italy

Buongiorno From Rome, Italy

Being 100% American Italian, this is a dream come true. Sovereign, and I got into Milan yesterday. Did a show in Milan, last night, then drove to Rome today. This place is just magical. I didn’t have much time to explore, but I tried!! I found a little street market in Milan, and scored some nice treasures. Definitely needed more time though.
The drive today was absolutely beautiful.. Gorgeous scenery and the food is everything that was hyped about! Headed to Amsterdam tomorrow, which I’m super stoked about. I’ve been on this Dutch house kick like crazy! So good times still ahead.. Here are a few pics I snapped…..

Lady Sovereign is the only creature Ive ever met that comes to Italy, and eats Mcdonalds twice in 1 day.

sov mcdonalds



Delicious Gnocchi


Aurelian wall


Olive you

Olive you

Market in Milan Italian boots for 20 Euro…. Can’t believe I didnt get a pair.

Made in Italy

Flowers at dinner


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