Get Ouuuuut 5/3/09

Get Ouuuuut 5/3/09

So its May 3rd & we have been on tour for 4 days and I’ve been brutally hungover 3 out of the 4 days LOL. We started off in Toronto May 1st and last night in Montreal. Both shows have been INSANE! Sovereign has been just murdering it. Chester French didn’t make the Canadian dates, so Hollywood Holt has been opening up and destroying it! Holt has so much energy it’s inspiring. Whether there are 20 people in the room or 300 that kid is just always on fire 🙂 Both Crowds in Toronto & Montreal were outstanding. The staff @ Club Soda in Montreal, were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Biggup to P-Thugg for coming out and showing some support! I’d have to say the best part of tour thus far besides the amazing shows was watching the promoter in Toronto beat up some crazy fan after he got kicked out she then proceeded to kick open the dressing room door looking for this kids Girl friend screaming “where’s that bitch, get ouuuuuut” and literally grabbed the girl by the collar and physically threw her out. I’ll upload some great Sovereign impressions of her later hahah!

Anywhoooo we’re in the van now headed to Boston. Thank god for WIFI in the van (score) ! I brought along my Kodak zi6 (rochester represent) so I’ve been getting some great video. As soon as I’m on some better wireless i’ll def upload the vids. Till then I’m out, cause I’m getting carsick typing while driving.

Quick music fix

Not a fan of Rye Rye whatsoever, “Shake it to the ground” was just beaten to death by every producer,dj and fan, But this remix/track is pretty sick

Rye Rye Feat MIA – Bang (Teenwolf remix)

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