Home sweet Home

Home sweet Home

European tour was a success! I met a load of great people, and got to see some amazing sites. I’d have to say the highlight was the beautiful drive from Milan to Rome, and also from Zurich to Berne. Not gonna lie, I was definitely scared driving on the Autobahn in Germany & the drivers in Italy are some late breakers. Amsterdam was just pure craziness. A place where prostitution, and weed is legal. No wonder why such good music comes from there lolzzz! All in all I have to say my heart lies in Rome. I know I havent shut up about it, but it was just the most perfect night ever!

as for now, I’m home for 8 days before heading back to London for the last Sovereign show of the year! It’s been a great year & i’m excited to see what 2010 brings!!!

Rauw Utrecht Holland
Rauw Utrecht Holland

Rockin out in Rome
Having a great night at work

Crowd shot in Amsterdam

More friends in Italy
Friends in Italy

Backstagehard day at work

Sov’s Baby
Sov's baby

No Caption needed
sov's VIP po show

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