It’s almost 2011

It’s almost 2011

Wow, what a crazy year 2010 has been..
Christmas was excellent and I’m super stoked for all the new projects and events 2011 holds. I’ll be headed out to LA in January for a photo shoot with the amazing Novation Dicers. If you haven’t gotten a pair I suggest you do it soon. I never gig without 🙂 2 new mixes in the works, so hopefully I can buckle down and drop them asap. I have some of my own remixes i’d like to eventually post too along with a new website design!! things are looking good. Be sure to check the dates to see when i’ll be in a city nearest you!

some pics from the last brunch of 2010 Dec 19th show

Jesus gets down!


they pack em in eh?

dj annalyze always happy

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