London Calling Speak the Slang 3/15/09

London Calling Speak the Slang 3/15/09

Well, Ive been in London for 5 days now & I really like it. If you thought NYC was a melting pot you aint seen shit.. So many cultures and every ethnicity possible. I REALLY REALLY DIG IT!!!! Like I dont feel like a foreigner cause everyone is a foreigner 🙂


I had rehearsals for the first 2 days, and then on friday I had my first (secret) Show with Lady Sovereign. It was FUCKEN AWESOME! Had a lil issue with 1.9 during my warm up set, but thats what you get for using a beta program LOL. The show was sick!! Sov & I have a great vibe together on stage. The show was at this club called “Double Club”. Apparently Prada had it built and its only going to be open for 3 months. Weird, but cool. I went on a super awesome nature walk yesterday (anyone who knows me knows i hate nature) But it was beautiful and i was literally 20 feet away from staggers aka deer. The deer don’t scatter either they just chill and you walk right past em.

Today I’m going to meet a friend and get to see more of London. Pretty excited I must say. Then tomorrow SOV & I get to hit the Adidas store to cop some free gear yes!!! We then have a live TV performance……. I forget what channel or what show, but as soon as I find out I will post. Ok gotta finish getting ready for my day.. Enjoy the photo’s!


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