Puerto Rico & More!!!

Puerto Rico & More!!!

So I just recently got back from an amazing corporate gig for Citrix/AEG in San Juan Puerto Rico! May I start off by saying what a beautiful Island Puerto Rico is & how amazing the people/ food are! I picked up a gig Friday night at a place called “Red Shield” & it was a great time. The sound was insane & I got introduced to the Puerto Rican beer “Medella”. The second day I got to soak up some sun before my gig at the Ritz Carlton. I arrived at the ballroom around 10pm because the client requested i get body painted by these amazing artist! Needless to say I was covered in black paint & the party was insanely fun!! So Puerto Rico was a great time!!

In the Up  & coming months I have a few new mixes I plan on dropping as well as some shows in Toronto, Chicago, ATL & Salt lake city! Summer is looking pretty crazy!



Citrix event PR

Citrix event

Djing @ the Ritz

Annalyze djing Red shield PR

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